The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation and is deeply affecting the whole world and our community. Businesses of all sizes from all industries are facing unique and difficult decisions regarding immediate issues with no clear sightlines into the future. If I do X now, how will it affect Y when things return to normal in Z months?

We are committed to helping you manage risk during this uncertain time. For this reason, we have created this COVID-19 resource page. As an award-winning Calgary-based litigation and advocacy firm, we bring extensive legal experience and knowledge to help avoid or pursue the many international, national and local disputes that are arising, and develop strategies and responses to the business challenges you presently face during this period of extreme interruption.

Our resource page has gathered contributors from various practice areas to provide their insight into issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and potential responses. Businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals, need to be aware of the implications of decisions they make now, in the heat of this crisis, and our lawyers can provide the necessary advice.

Should you have any questions, our lawyers are available to help. Click here for a list of our team members and their contact information.

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Commercial Real Estate

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COVID-19-Related Developments

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