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Category: Tort

Corporate Separateness and Concurrent Liability in Alberta: Recent Applications from the Court of Appeal

November 2, 2023

Alberta corporations are legal persons with rights to hold property, contract with others, and sue or be sued. Corporations are separate and distinct from their shareholders, directors, and employees, and in most cases, are uniquely responsible for liability arising from their actions.

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Tort Liability in a COVID World, Part 3: Government Oversight of the Cargill Beef Plant

May 5, 2020

With the easing of restrictions across Canada, including at food processing plants, can governments be held liable for future outbreaks? Laura Warner and Kaila Eadie examine the principles that impact government liability in these unique circumstances.

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Tort Liability in a COVID World, Part 2: The Case of Walmart

April 17, 2020

Could your business be liable for failing to protect your employees and customers from COVID-19? Laura Warner and Sarah Bernamoff explore a recent lawsuit against and Arkansas Walmart and explain what businesses can do to protect themselves from liability.

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The New Tort on the Block: Publicity Placing a Person in False Light

April 9, 2020

For the first time, a Canadian Court has recognized Publicity Placing a Person in False Light as a cause of action. What is it and how can it affect you? Oliver Ho explains the implications of this new tort in his latest article.

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Tort Liability in a COVID World, Part 1: The Principles of Negligence in a COVID World

April 7, 2020

In part 1 of our series, Tort Liability in a COVID World, Laura Warner, Kaila Eadie and Sarah Bernamoff, JD, MBA examine the principles of negligence in a COVID world.

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