Virtual Dispute Resolution to Move Matters Forward

These are unprecedented and disruptive times for our legal system. The Courts are closed, in whole or in part, but your clients continue to need you to progress their matters. Witnesses, clients and counsel face travel restrictions of an undefined duration, making traditional methods of dispute resolution difficult and, in some cases, unsafe. When the Courts re-open, they will face a backlog.

JSS Barristers is offering arbitration and mediation services with our easy-to-use video and teleconferencing solutions. Our systems offer a secure way for your matters to be handled and, in this time of social distancing, the safest way for matters to be resolved.

Virtual Arbitration and Referee Processes

The benefits of arbitration and referee processes have now increased exponentially. Experienced neutrals enable parties to focus on what matters and resolve disputes fairly and quickly. The process can be relatively informal, customized and can capitalize on readily available technology. Parties may want some decisions based only on written materials. Trials, special applications, or other interlocutory matters can be taken out of the Courts and decided by someone with the right background. Moving the matter forward may be necessary to avoid the action being dismissed for delay. We have already been deciding cases affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We can help you and your clients as well.

Virtual Mediation

Through video and teleconferencing, our skilled and experienced mediator can host both plenary sessions and separate caucuses. The advantages of early resolution through mediation are more valuable now than ever. Even if a mediation does not result in a complete resolution, it clears the way for trial by satisfying the mandatory mediation requirements in the Alberta Rules of Court reinstated as of January 1, 2020.


We have several secure technology platforms that are ideal for virtual arbitrations and mediations. We use TitanFile for secure file sharing and collaboration, which is a channel that parties can use to electronically share and serve pleadings, relevant records, briefs and arguments. In addition, we use Microsoft Teams and/or Zoom for multiparty video links. These platforms are ideal for virtual hearings and have the capability to share screens and documents throughout the process. Our tech team will provide the simple training needed in advance.