JSS Barristers has a team of lawyers with extensive experience with a variety of statutory or common law liens.

We are proficient in the process of registering, responding to, and litigating builders’ lien claims, acting on behalf of lienors, contractors and owners. JSS Barristers has comprehensive knowledge of the builders’ lien processes both at Alberta Land Titles and Alberta Energy.

Our lawyers also have experience counselling and advocating on behalf of clients with respect to other specialized liens arising at common law, under contract and pursuant to federal and provincial legislation, including garage keepers’ liens, and liens arising under the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen (CAPL) Operating Procedure.

JSS Barristers understands that, especially for liens, time is always of the essence. Our lawyers have the experience and the knowledge to react and advance our clients’ causes in an effective and expedient manner.

  • Surface Rights Builders’ Liens at Land Titles
  • Mines and Minerals Builders’ Liens at Alberta Energy
  • CAPL Liens
  • Other Statutory and Common Law Liens

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