If you have been injured in an accident due to the fault of another, understanding the steps required to secure appropriate compensation and get your life back on track can be a daunting task.

Once your immediate medical needs are addressed, you may be wondering:

  • How is this going to affect my work and family life?
  • How long will my recovery take?
  • How can I ensure I am fairly compensated for my losses?

The personal injury lawyers at JSS Barristers have decades of experience advising clients through these difficult times. We pride ourselves on communicating promptly and effectively with you on all aspects of your personal injury claim. As such, we will be your partner in pursuing your claim, including helping you to gather the appropriate documentation to document your injury, and the detrimental effects it may have had on your personal, educational and work life. This will all be critical in proving your case and securing maximum the compensation available for your pain and suffering, loss of income, and past and future medical expenses.


Mediation is the process whereby a neutral third-party is used to facilitate discussions by the affected parties in order to reach a mutually agreeable settlement. Mediations have become an increasingly popular method of resolving personal injury claims because they offer a faster and more cost-effective means to a settlement, whereas a court trial may take years to even be scheduled.

As the mediation process will be tailored to your specific circumstances, you will need lawyers who are well prepared and knowledgeable about the process. JSS Barristers’ lawyers have appeared as Counsel in hundreds of successful personal injury Mediations.


If a trial is unavoidable, you need lawyers who can make the strongest possible case on your behalf. JSS Barristers is ranked among the top 10 civil litigation boutique firms in Canada by Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

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