Construction disputes commonly involve significant stakes. Regardless of how large the amount in dispute might be, whether a resolution is satisfactory will depend not just on the ultimate outcome, but also on the time and cost incurred through the dispute process.

Given that construction disputes often involve numerous parties, complex technical issues, and voluminous project records, experience is necessary for their efficient and effective management. Our construction lawyers have a wealth of experience and knowledge that we bring and apply to construction disputes, which allows us to focus on the real issues and achieve cost-effective results. We routinely act in courts across Western Canada and in arbitrations, mediations, and negotiations, to resolve construction disputes of all kinds. Given the prevalence of alternative dispute resolution in the construction field, some of our highly qualified lawyers who are admitted as Fellows in the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators are also appointed as arbitrator or mediator.

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  • Delay claims
  • Extras claims
  • Impact claims
  • Cost overruns
  • Loss of profit
  • Breach of contract and negligence claims
  • Issues with:
    • Design
    • Engineering
    • Procurement
    • Project execution
    • Project management
    • Workmanship
    • Termination and suspension provisions

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