Defamation may result when a false communication is made about an individual or business that has resulted in ridicule, scorn or contempt to that individual or business.

A communication may be considered defamatory if it tends to harm the subject of the communication by lowering them in the estimation of the community or by causing third-parties to avoid associating or dealing with them.

JSS Barristers has acted for both plaintiffs and defendants in defamation actions. We have represented individuals against high-level politicians in defamation actions and also acted for professionals whose reputations are their livelihood and therefore must be protected. We have acted for companies and organizations accused of uttering defamatory statements. Regardless of the type of client, issues relating to the defence of qualified and absolute privilege, malice and the calculation of damages can be complex in defamation actions. At JSS Barristers, we have the experience and knowledge to thoroughly advise and represent our clients.

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