Class actions are highly complex matters that can involve hundreds, sometimes thousands, of class members with claim amounts often exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars. The class action team at JSS Barristers brings decades of experience acting on both the plaintiff and defendant sides of class action matters.

Our class action team has litigated class action matters of all sizes across the country, and the USA, ranging from privacy and data protection, product liability and securities-related matters.

We have extensive experience representing plaintiffs in claims relating to high-profile matters such as:

  • For customers for data breaches against CIBC/Simplii Financial, Bank of Montreal and Uber;
  • For shareholders against Poseidon alleging misrepresentation of the status of their business operations;
  • For First Nations against Indian Oil and Gas Canada, an agency of the Department of Indigenous Affairs in Canada.

On the defendant side, we act for companies against whom class actions have been commenced.  JSS Barristers also regularly acts for the Alberta Lawyers’ Indemnity Association in matters where a lawyer is the subject of a class action claim.

Plaintiff Class Actions

Defendant Class Actions

JSS Barristers has acted as defence counsel on a variety of class actions, including financial services claims and alleged professional negligence.

Our focus in defending class actions is to provide our clients with timely and objective advice about the strength of the allegations and whether the matter is best resolved by seeking summary dismissal, vigorously opposing certification, seeking to resolve the matter cooperatively through mediation or through trial, if necessary. Our extensive experience prosecuting and defending class actions provides a well-rounded approach to what are often difficult circumstances.