RANA v RANA, 2020 ABCA 353


14.5: Appeals only with permission

Case Summary

The Appellant applied for leave to appeal the August 14, 2020 dismissal of his Application to restore his Fast Track Appeal pursuant to Rule 14.5(1)(a) and (2). Feehan J.A. noted that the criteria for granting leave to Appeal are (a) there is a question of general importance; (b) there is a possible error of law; (c) there is an unreasonable exercise of discretion; or (d) there is an apparent misapprehension of an important fact. Justice Feehan noted that the underlying Fast Track Appeal was dismissed as the Appellant has not sought or been granted leave for that Appeal. The Appellant also did not file any material that was not present during the initial Application and that there was nothing new in the materials that would require reconsideration. His Lordship determined that the Appellant did not meet the criteria and dismissed the Application for permission to Appeal.

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