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Alberta’s Minor Injury Regulation (MIR) - 5 Things to Know

Alberta’s Minor Injury Regulation (MIR) applies to sprain, strain, whiplash injuries, some TMJ injuries, and any other physical or psychological conditions or symptoms that arise with those injuries. Here are 5 things to know about the MIR.

Amending an Originating Application

 In Alberta, actions started by Originating Application are governed by Rules 3.8 to 3.14 (with the judicial review rules starting at Rule 3.15). There are no specific rules about when an originating application can be amended. How does that differ from actions started by Statement of Claim? Click to read more about amending originating applications.

Suing After a Workplace Accident - 5 Things to Know

In Alberta, many employers are governed by the Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA), but there are some industries which are exempt. Here are 5 things to know about suing after a workplace accident.

Alberta Accident Benefits - 5 Things to Know

What are accident benefits and what do they cover?

Formal Offers in Court of Appeal Proceedings

 Analyzing a costs decision from the Alberta Court of Appeal, this post examines how Rule 4.29 affects separate costs decisions when a Formal Offer has been made.

Damages for Loss of Marriage / Interdependency Benefits

Could a severely injured plaintiff recover separate damages based on the fact that they are statistically less likely to “couple up?” What the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal had to say in University of Regina v Miranda Biletski, 2019 SKA 44.

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Tort Liability in a COVID World, Part 1: The Principles of Negligence in a COVID World

April 7, 2020

In part 1 of our series, Tort Liability in a COVID World, Laura Warner, Kaila Eadie and Sarah Bernamoff, JD, MBA examine the principles of negligence in a COVID world.

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